Gratitude and Gifts


Gratitude and Gifts

gift-444519_640I have read many posts here and in other forums about gratitude. Even though these past few years, and especially this last year, have been so challenging and stressful, I feel such gratitude.

When I have a "bad day", all I need to do is spend five minutes here and I realize how grateful I am for where I am in life and in caregiving. I have always been an optimist. My optimism was severely challenged this past year and I spent a significant amount of time in pessimism land. The pessimist won battles many days when I was tired, mentally, physically and certainly emotionally. The optimist was weighted down under the depression and angst that filled so many of my days.

I clung to forums like this like a life raft. I had to struggle to keep my head above water as the pessimism tugged on my feet and beckoned me under the water. I knew I would drown if I lifted my hand off that last ray of optimism.

I finally worked my way onto the life raft. I just had to lie prone for awhile to regain my strength. As I drifted on the raft, I began to regain my strength. I ventured into posting instead of lurking and reading. I found resources to help me to learn to paddle.

I have paddled my way out of the dark and into the light of gratitude. I have gratitude for each of you who posts here. Every one of you has given me a little more strength to keep paddling. I am grateful for this site, for Denise, for my chat "buddies", and all of you I have yet to meet who give me a glimpse of the shoreline.

I have even looked at my brother's lack of participation as a gift. It really was a gift to know exactly where I stand, what needs to be done and how I will move forward. A year ago, I would have fallen apart when he turned his back on Mom, but now I see it as a gift.

You have all helped me in so many ways. I am so grateful to be here and able to type my feelings. I am so grateful for all of you who take this journey and who share your experiences with those of us who need to hear your challenges and your triumphs.

I am also grateful that my mom is still in pretty good shape for turning 93 in a couple of weeks. We just got back from another 10 days at the lake. Although she does not remember what she did five minutes ago, I will have these memories of sitting in the early fall weather, breathing in the crisp air with her. We spent my birthday there and the weather was the most beautiful 10 days we have had all year. I look at that as God's gift to me for continuing to paddle toward the shore. I also look at all of you as His ongoing gift to me, a community of caring people all paddling their own life rafts to their own shoreline.

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Sharon, thanks so much for sharing. I find it fascinating at times, how such a simple comment of true understanding can go so, so far to provide some emotional relief. I'm glad you Re here.


Dear Sharon, I am so grateful you are here to share your story. I had no idea how hard it was for you and understand how encouraging this site is for you! Your words could be echoed by so many of us Caregivers here!! I look forward to more Chats and stories to share!


What a testament to the power of support!! Thank you so much, Sharon, for being here and for sharing your story and your resources with us. it's been great getting to know you.