patchwork-112548_640I wish we could pick up a guarantee at Target. Just head down the aisle that sells guarantees so on our bad days, when we so fear what could happen next, we simply head to Target and pick up a guarantee so we don't worry what the next day will bring. If only we could buy a guarantee that tomorrow will always be better, the bank account will always have enough, the opportunities we want so badly will work out, our family members will enjoy healthy lives.

Unfortunately, while you get an electronic with a warranty, you can't get a life with a guarantee.

We are not promised a forever of good fortune, good health, good luck.

Maybe that's okay.

When our life breaks, we hang on, we muster up our courage, we take a deep breath and one step forward. We wipe our tears as we work toward our fix. And, because we are wise and strong and tough, we do find our solution.

Although we don't have a guarantee for a life fix, we do gain compassion, wisdom and insights as a result of a life break. We understand the pain others feel so we comfort well, we give more freely because we know how going without feels, we create opportunities knowing how it feels to lose them, we share the solution that worked for us to spare another a similar suffering.

And that's how we heal after a life break. Interestingly enough, the break makes us better.

I guarantee it.


When you care for a family member or friend, the experience can be lonely and isolating. You can feel like you’re the only one. Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow spot another family caregiver in the crowd? So, let’s try it. On Friday, April 11, wear green to bring awareness to the family caregiver experience.

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