candle-335965_640Caregiving seems to take all your best guesses.

Will this treatment work?

Will this equipment work?

Will the wheelchair fit in the car?

Will we make it to the bathroom in time?

Will the doctor return our call today?

Will they take good care of my caree?

And, the worst: When will this end? How will this end? Will I be okay when this ends?

It can feel like one big guessing game all tied up to trust. You do your best, you research all that you can, you ask all the questions you can think of. You do your best to minimize the guessing game. But guessing means you lean on trusting.

Which brings you right back to the guessing game. Who can you trust?

Well, guess what? You are trust-worthy. You are an amazing advocate. You are wise and resilient and brave.

When it comes to you, there is no guessing game. We know. We trust you.

You are okay. And, you will be okay.

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So true... always guessing. We had sooo much guessing to do between dementia and aphasia. \r\n\r\nReally we became SCIENTIST -- observing and testing (experimenting) and coming to conclusions based on these.\r\n\r\nI realized I knew my caree's breathing patterns at a glance, the normal body temp by touch, subtle changes in her mood and so on...