Guilt vs. Conscience


Guilt vs. Conscience

gavel-568417_640What is it with guilt, anyway? Since when did normal, natural needs and desires, like peace, downtime, pleasure and fun, become offenses against the laws of God and man?

Those needs and desires for healthful, enjoyable, life-enhancing things are implanted in us by God. Just like the needs for food, water, shelter and love. They are fundamental parts of the whole we call a human being. They are present, and recognizable, from the moment we are born. Natural to us = absolutely necessary for any human being to function as a human should. NOT selfish, or sinful, or wrong.

Even our Blessed Savior needed downtime, away from His disciples, away from the throngs of desperate, needy humanity. He took time off when He needed to, did not apologize for it, and returned refreshed and ready to take up His work again.

I'm sure everyone here is quite familiar with the voice of their conscience. That part of us that knows beyond doubt when we have messed up, big  time, and need to 1) make amends somehow, and 2) do our best to not repeat the error. We can seek help with all of this, from that same beloved Savior who was without sin Himself, yet understands ours, and wants very much to help us. He helps us make it right, and helps us move on.

One thing He never, ever does though -- berate us, browbeat us, or tell us how horrible we are. When we hear that sort of thing, I'm quite convinced it is in fact the voice of the adversary. The father of lies who delights in our pain will say and do anything to exacerbate it, and will keep it up as long as we allow him to. That guilt we feel for being mindful of our own needs is a powerful and very sneaky weapon of  his. One which all too often sneaks right under our radar.

It does it's damnedest -- literally! -- to convince us that we are terrible, wicked, selfish monsters for wanting and missing things which are our very birthright as children of God made in His own image. Something which no angel, good or evil, can ever claim.

Don't let him do it! Don't let the adversary win this one! We are already aware of his other traps, baited with such yummy-looking poison. But this one, in my opinion, surpasses them all for pure evilness. Because it makes a good, kind, loving and perfectly normal human being to believe that they are somehow lower than pond scum.

And it's simply NOT TRUE.

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I just read Guilt vs Conscience It is an excellent piece. I Hope everyone reads it.


Excellent much truth in what you said & I needed to read today.....thank you!