Handling Caregiving, Career and Canines


Handling Caregiving, Career and Canines

Flowers Make Emma HappyAlthough I am glad that I am excited about starting a new job today, as a caregiver you know it is hard to handle caregiving and a career.

I was giving Mom a bath last night and she actually didn't need help for once getting out of the tub. Her arthritis wasn't as bad as usual. She didn't complain about the clothes I laid out and she was pleasant. That put me in a good frame of mind before I went to sleep since I am anxious about  my new job anyway.

My dogs seem to be on board with me having a new job as well. They bought me an unfortunate critter that they had caught out in the backyard and put it by my feet. I think it was a "Congrats on your new job present." So far Mom is sleeping and hubby made me coffee. I just have to stop being pessimistic and realize maybe they can handle the house and be okay while I start my new adventure.

Another plus is my desk and PC aren't ready so I start in the afternoon instead of this morning. I am thankful for the little signs from God that it's going to be fine.

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Best wishes, Angie, as you start this new passage. I hope everyone has patience and grace with changes that come from a new job. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.


Hi Angela--I'm so glad you started your job today!! These changes are stressful, even when they seem to be going smoothly. \r\n\r\nThey will miss you and they will be okay. :) You will be okay, too. \r\n\r\nLet us know how your first day goes.