Happy Birthday to Me


Happy Birthday to Me

11713753_968859939833387_5668831947294759227_oA few weeks ago, my two best friends and I decided to celebrate our birthdays together. We were all the same age, about to turn 50. Normally we would do lunch or brunch at a nice restaurant as a treat but we decided since this was a "special" birthday we needed to do more. So I went online and was looking at events at our favorite winery and they just happened to be having a Arts Festival the weekend before my birthday. Hmmmmmm sounds good.

Now for a place to stay. There are lots of cabins for rent in the surrounding area and we had rented a house before in the vacinity years ago. As luck would have it, there were some private owned cabins right across the street from the winery. Sounds like a no brainer if they have an opening. Someone was looking out for us because we were able to rent one. Talk about nice--breathtaking view off of the back deck, spacious floor plan, super comfortable and cozy. Perfect for three girls to spend a few days.

We had ideas of going into the community of Floyd for dinner on Friday night and checking out some of the antique shops but that 5 star restaurant at Chateau Morrisette was calling our name. So we walked over and had an amazing dinner out on the patio while the sun was setting. Perfect. We caught up, laughed, enjoyed delicious food and just hung out for a good while. Then we went back to the cabin and crashed in the living room with talk of school mates and family.

The next morning we get up and I can't explain how nice it was in July to actually feel a chill in the air when we were drinking our coffee. We loved it. Got ready for the festival, comfortable for fun day ahead. In addition to their wines, they had offered for several other wineries in the area to come in and do tastings. This was really nice for us since some of those we had never been to or tasted their wines. They had live bands all day--great music and the weather was good. By that time It was  hot, but good.

Yes, I did get my first sunburn in years that day because I forgot my sun hat. Normally I take it with me but walked out without it. After much fun, some good festival food, lots of laughs and some shopping we headed back to the cabin. Oddly enough, in addition to wines, I bought some homemade tea blends from an herbalist that had a booth, and Sheila bought an antique chest! They delivered it to the cabin and loaded it in her vehicle (it wasn't extremely large). We enjoyed a bottle of champagne to toast our birthdays , along with cake from a gourmet bakery. We also had appetizers, fruit and wine for our evening meal. Once again, the evening was spent this time in our pjs, just enjoying spending time with each other. No cell phones out, no gaming, no iPads (even though there was wifi access). The only electronic device I used was my kindle. I read a book while I was gone. Stephanie took the paper to work the crossword puzzles, and Sheila just took the time to rest quietly.

The next morning Sheila had to leave earlier than we did and we gave goodbye hugs and shed a few tears. We're not that far away from each other but with life getting in the way of friendships we don't see each other as a group very often. Before we left, Stephanie and I decided to go to the restaurant again for brunch. Once again--amazing with mimosas, and some of the most amazing french toast I think I've ever devoured.

On the way home we stopped at a local candy factory for goodies for Dad and Bekah. Dad got a box of fudge (it was a hard decision on what kind to pick, they made so many), and truffles for Bekah. I also got some truffles for myself to enjoy during the week after I was home. I wazs so fortunate to have Bekah to stay with Dad and know he was receiving good care. I did text her a few times just to check in and see how they were and they were fine. That really made me breathe a little easier during my time away.

Will I get this again? Hopefully sometime but it may be another year, but time with true friends is precious. I'll treasure this trip forever.


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