Happy Easter Update

Hi all,

My mom is doing fairly well at the moment. A week ago today, the confusion lifted, and she has been back to her old self mentally. There is still mild confusion, but nothing like what we were dealing with from mid-March until last week. This, in spite of moving to an adult family home on Wednesday. She's doing so well, that we're bringing her home for Easter dinner today, and an overnight stay as we have hand therapy close to home tomorrow morning. The adult family home is a 45-minute drive each way.

The owners of the adult family home are very caring. They do things "by the book", which is good. However, we've had lots of adjusting to do because my mom doesn't fit the book. Also, her needs are greater than most of their other residents. The other five women there have dementia but are mobile. Huge learning curve for all of us. I've spent the week trying to write down everything we do around here on a daily basis, and then get it to her doctor, hand therapist, and physical therapist.

The adult family home needs everything to come from them, and not "just" from family. The caregivers that I have met seem to be very good, although unsure about how to move Mom. Until her physical therapy evaluation on Tuesday, they are not walking her. She had a scary moment when one of the caregivers tried to walk her and didn't have the wheelchair close enough behind her. Mom's leg buckled, and she started to fall. The caregiver was able to grab the wheelchair, and Mom fell into it. Mom called me, very upset and wanted me to come right then. Her granddaughter is only five minutes away, so she went in. I think she's been there at least four times this week, which has been wonderful.

For those of you that are home caregivers, try writing down what you do in one day. It will amaze you, and then you can pat yourself on the back. You deserve it! It has been absolutely overwhelming trying to get all of it "official" and in her care plan.

The visiting nurse did another urinalysis on Friday. I am hoping that Mom is still infection-free and that we have the UTIs under control.

It has been hard for me to know when to speak up, and when to step back. I'm taking it one day at a time, but committed to working through this and making it work. I knew it would be tough at first. Mom has handled it pretty well, I think, although yesterday when I kissed her goodbye I told her I'd see her today and her response was, "If I live through the night". That wasn't coming from her giving up (the case a few weeks ago), but from feeling so insecure. I'm hoping that improves this week.

I hope all of you have a great Easter!

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