Happy Mothers' Caregivers Day

Hey guyz, wishing everyone not only a Happy Mother's Day, but a Happy day also for caregivers of moms or maternal loved ones who worked to make everything as right as possible for their moms today, or who couldn't but were there in spirit.

I took my mom out to one of her favorite places today.  It's a joy to see her feel so happy to be out and see people, enjoy a meal, be alive.  I never thought I'd see my own mother be in her 80s, and for me to start thinking about her mortality that I thought -- or maybe I didn't think so much -- that would go on forever, basically.

We always return home and stop along the way at the cemetery, at my dad and brother's grave.  Funny, this odd thought popped into my head as we stood there today.  I was thinking, ever know a pregnant woman in your life, that you'd see the baby enlarging in her abdomen larger and larger each week, until she's ready to "pop," and then one week comes and she's had the baby, and now the mom's stomach is flattened and that "bulge" you saw for so many months is now a separate, living thing in the mother's arms, now outside of her body?

Well, I can't count the times that my mom, dad and me, like 3 musketeers, would always stop by the cemetery to pay respects to my brother after some family holiday, birthday, or anniversary date over the years, and my dad would tend to the plants and talk/pray to my brother -- but now when we go, who would've ever envisioned among us that the day has come that now he, too, is on the other embryonic side of the life-giving border of the ground, and separated from us in the living anymore?  It's the whole life cycle thing.

Physically, it can be hard when we see ourselves or our loved ones change, die, move, become disconnected.  But emotionally, spiritually, mentally, they can always be there as much and as often as we allow them to be in our hearts.  Someday my mom will be gone, too, but I'll be glad for all the things I did with and for her.  And for those things that I couldn't or didn't, I give it to God and know that He will remind me that not only I, but also my mom, knew and understood and each tried our best.  Caregivers, please end this day by having tried today to be good and forgiving not only to your moms, but also to yourselves, for trying your best and realizing that that's sincerely all that you can do!  HMD!  :)  Gary/Boston

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