Happy Mother's Day!

I'm not a mother.

And, every year, very nice people will wish me a Happy Mother's Day. It's very nice people who don't really know me, like the cashier at Walgreen's or the waiter at a restaurant or a casual acquaintance.

I used to feel great consternation about receiving this greeting. I wondered, Should I explain? Should I defer the wish? If I accept, am I kinda lying, kinda pretending to be a mom?

And, then finally, a few years ago, I thought: Who cares! So, now I accept all wishes extended to me for a happy Mother's Day. I love that someone would take the time to extend such a nice wish to me. I've received two wishes so far in the past few days and feel very lucky to have received both.

Which made me realize: I used to make a choice not to receive. When I make a different choice, the choice to graciously receive, I feel so much better.

So, what will you receive this weekend?

(If you're feeling worried about the day, we posted helpful tips last year for Father's Day that apply to Mother's Day, as well. And, if you're worrying or feeling sad, please let us know in our comments section.)

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