Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving-482977_640On this day of thanks, I want add my thanks for all of you.

Thank you for the comfort you bring when we are in need.

Thank you for the support you offer when we feel alone.

Thank you for the faith you give when we can't believe any longer.

Thank you for the talents you share which inspire us to tap into ours.

Thank you for your humor when we all need a good laugh.

Thank you for your perspective when we can't see the forest through the trees.

Thank you for your suggestions when we can't find a way.

Thank you for your guidance when we've lost our way.

Thank you for your honesty which gives us all permission to air our truths.

And, most of all, thank you for your caring heart which envelops all of us like the warmest ray of sun.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving, Fearless Leader.


Thank you Denise and Happy Thanksgiving to you. So grateful to you for creating this wonderful environment for us and sharing your blessings with us every day.