Hard Day Today


Hard Day Today

water-663159_640Hard day today. We had visitors and went around with them sightseeing, so naturally Elsie got tired. At dinner time the lady wanted to cook in our kitchen and put on a nice meal. During this time Elsie got a glass of wine.

After dinner the lady began cleaning up and Elsie had an aggressive fit hollering that the lady was a guest and shouldn’t be made to cook and clean up. Elsie felt that it was her responsibility. From here on the evening was hard for all of us.

It was a bad end to a good but tiring visit for Elsie -- and another lesson in caregiving for me. I understand now that another woman in my sweetie's home, and especially in the kitchen, too clearly shows up Elsie's losses and is a stress point that I must avoid in the future.

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Don, so sorry to hear this as it sounded like a nice change of pace. Hopefully you can put it behind you now.... Have a great day today - maybe even on your motorcycle.


So hard to know what we need to know when it's impossible to know it. \r\n\r\nI'm thinking of you, Don, and wishing you and your sweetie a peaceful night.