Heads-Up About Our Crowdfunding Campaign


Heads-Up About Our Crowdfunding Campaign

eed to keep the site going.

And, it's not easy. Oh, my gosh.

Last Friday, I attended a retreat for women in health care and technology called XX in Health. Many of the retreat attendees were young women going out into the world and kicking butt. They're pounding the pavement to take risks and fund their dreams. A day with them made me realize I need to do the same. I've been trying for almost 20 years to do what they have already done. It was a wake-up call to simply take the big leap, make the big asks, go way out on the limb.

This morning, I launched a campaign to raise money for Caregiving.com. I'm raising money to Embrace, Employ and Empower family caregivers. With the money raised, I can:

  • Hire 10 family caregivers on a part-time basis (paying each family caregiver $500 a month for one year) to help as website community managers, manage our telephone support groups, oversee our volunteer programs, help with marketing efforts, lead and start support groups in their communities, edit and create website content.

  • Cover annual membership costs for 800 family caregivers in need so they can connect and share with other family caregivers, participate in our 24/7 chat, join our online support groups, receive help from our volunteers and start a caregiving blog.

  • Create the technology (website and app) to walk family caregivers through The Caregiving Years. Family caregivers track changes in their day and based on the changes, the technology recommends products, services, equipment, supplies they need before they need them.

I will keep you posted on my progress to raise the money. If you believe in my mission, you can help by simply sharing the campaign with your network. You also can leave a comment on the campaign sharing how Caregiving.com has helped you. And, if you know of someone who could be a potential contributor, please send me an email. I'd be grateful for any leads and ideas you have.

To learn more, visit the Embrace, Employ and Empower Family Caregivers campaign.

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Chris MacLellan

Denise,\r\n\r\nWhat a great idea!