dance-shoes-351119_640At times, it can seem like life demands that you heel, that you obey silently as it directs and determines your fate.

Other times, you feel like the heel, when you speak sharply or sarcastically to your caree, that stranger ahead of you in line, that one family member who actually helps you.

You can feel like life walks all over you and then you walk all over everyone else.

The heels call for healing. When you feel like you're heeling, heal by giving yourself a choice, an option. Remembering that you can choose can help you get back up. You can choose how you feel about your day, your life, yourself. Your day, your life and, especially, you all deserve positive choices. A positive choice can be simply to say, "Maybe I didn't choose this life but I can choose to make the most of every day."

And, when you feel like the heel, ask for forgiveness and then forgive yourself. Complete the healing with a fresh start.

When you feel like you're doing too much heeling, take a break to give yourself some healing.

You can be better. You can heal.

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Amen.............great advice. I suppose this is very useful to where I am at right now.