Help a Family Caregiver: Job Jar Day is Nov. 1!


Help a Family Caregiver: Job Jar Day is Nov. 1!

marguerite-476107_640(1)Job Jar Day: Help Around the House for Family Caregivers

Caring for a family member or friend with a chronic illness can be lonely, overwhelming and exhausting. Because the focus becomes about the individual who needs care, tasks around the house end up on the bottom of the To Do list.

To lessen the load, even for a few hours, encourages family and friends to help around the house of a family caregiver or a caree (the individual receiving care) on Job Jar Day. The next Job Jar Day takes place Saturday, November 1, in honor of National Family Caregivers Month.

Not sure how you can help?

We've got suggestions! You can help with:

1. Installing grab bars in the caree's bathroom.
2. Adding no-skid backing on all throw rugs.
3. Weeding the garden.
4. Mowing the lawn.
5. Cleaning out the refrigerator.
6. Making and freezing enough meals to last a week.
7. Washing windows.
8. Re-painting areas on walls marked up by wheelchair traffic.
9. Giving the caree's bedroom a deep cleaning.
10. Cleaning the car that the family caregiver and caree use.
11. Getting caught up on laundry.
12. Mopping floors.
13. Organizing closets.
14. Re-arranging furniture to best accommodate care needs.
15. Removing stains on furniture and in carpeting.

Feel free to share more ideas in our comments section, below.

To help make the event a success, we’ve got a few tips for those family members and friends helping:

1. Contact the family caregiver as soon as you begin to plan your visit. Ask the family caregiver: "I'm available to help on Saturday for two hours. When would be a good time for me to arrive? What can I help with?" You also can tell the family caregiver what you'll do: "I'll be over Saturday to cut the lawn and wash the car. What time would be a good time for me to come?"

2. Bring flowers–they will be a reminder of your visit in the days that follow.

3. Encourage the family caregiver to sit and relax. Assure him or her that you will take care of the details.

Thanks so much for helping the family caregiver in your life.

(Help us spread the word--be share about Job Jar Day on you social media networks. Thanks so much for your support and help!)


Job Jar Day is one of six Family Caregiver Awareness Days has developed; Kiss a Caregiver, Cook for a Caregiver, Labor Day Break, Bring Flowers to a Family Caregiver and Grill for a Caregiver take place during the year. Through these days, hopes to create awareness of the family caregiver role within the community and within the family. And, they create opportunities for other family members to get involved. Sometimes, both family members and family caregivers struggle to communicate effectively with each other; the Awareness Days try to eliminate some of the communication anxiety. For more information, email Denise at

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Preparing for a season change (Removing window air conditioning units and/or sealing drafty windows)\r\nTaking a caregiver out for lunch or dinner when respite is available\r\nAssisting with holiday preperation