Help Us Send 10 Family Caregivers to NCC18


Help Us Send 10 Family Caregivers to NCC18

Christine, left, and Lillie traveled from California to volunteer at our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference.

Caring for a family member with a chronic illness or debilitating disease or frailty is stressful. According to's Caregiving Stress Survey, those who care rate their stress as 4.15 on a scale of 1 (least stressed) to 5 (most stressed). They say the source of their stress is that they miss their life.

According to's 2017 Annual Family Caregiver Survey, about 50% of respondents do not receive help from other family members and friends. 60% of respondents say they do not adequately adequately take care of their physical, emotional, dental and medical needs. Almost 50% of respondents have been in a caregiving situation for more than five years. 53% of respondents say that their caregiving responsibilities are 24/7.

Imagine providing care to a family member with a chronic illness or debilitating disease. Imagine having to be available 24/7 for your family member. Imagine how hard it can be to get a break.

With your help, we want 10 individuals who care for a family member (family caregivers) to join us for our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference on Nov. 9 and 10 in Chicago. Our conference gives a break to those who care for a family member while surrounding them with a supportive and appreciative community. With your help, we can cover the costs for 10 deserving family caregivers to attend our conference. The 10 family caregivers will receive money to pay for the following:

--two nights at our conference hotel;
--conference registration;
--travel costs such as airfare;
--home care or nursing care for their carees.

With your help, they'll receive our care while their caree also receives quality care. We would like to award 10 deserving family caregivers a trip to our conference in August so they have time to make travel and care arrangements. In July, we'll ask family caregivers to submit applications to be considered to win a trip to our conference.

Your contribution is a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit, The Center for Family Caregivers. You can donate via our GoFundMe campaign:

Since posting our campaign, we've made it even easier to contribute to our Respite Fund!

A new company, AssuredAllies, is building a set of solutions designed to support family caregivers - primarily those taking care of an aging parent. As they prepare to launch, AssuredAllies is looking to speak with passionate caregivers to hear their stories, get feedback on the product, and ensure they are meeting the needs of family caregivers.

If you, or anyone you know, is currently caring for an aging parent, and interested in learning more about AssuredAllies, they can email or complete a brief caregiver survey to get some initial feedback and discover ways to engage with its mission.

As a thank you, AssuredAllies will donate $10 to our Respite Fund for every survey that's completed. Through our Respite Fund, we're raising money to send 10 family caregivers to the National Caregiving Conference this year. (Our gofundme campaign is here:

Here's the survey to complete:

Our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference will happen on November 9 and 10 at the Chicago Marriott O”Hare, 8535 W. Higgins in Chicago. At our conference, we honor family caregivers as well as those who make a difference for family caregivers.

We are the national conference that brings together family caregivers and former family caregivers from across the country. At previous conferences, attendees arrived from both coasts, the South, the Midwest and Canada.

Our conference features presentations and panel discussions from family caregivers and former family caregivers . At our conference, just like in our day, we’re the experts. Join us to connect to others who understand and to receive insights, inspirations and information. This year’s conference theme, Our Best Selves, encourages us to look at how we do our best during an experience that feels like the worst.

What’s it like to attend our conference? Attendees to our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference share their experiences:

“I don’t know how to thank you for your generosity, your big heart and your unbelievable passion. You welcomed me into the tribe sight unseen and I’m very grateful. My heart is full from a weekend with you, your team and those you serve.” ~ A conference attendee

“You deserve accolades for putting on such a great event. And thank you for the opportunity to share some of my caregiving experiences with the conference.” ~ A conference attendee

“Everything about #NCC17 seems like respite care for caregivers: session topics, friendships, practical advice, & healthy, delicious food.” ~ A conference attendee

“The entire conference center felt peaceful, engaging, relaxing, and spiritual. The family caregivers came from all over the country to be supported, encouraged, and to encourage others. Deep conversations, stories, tears, laughter, great food, tools and resources were shared throughout this two-day conference.” ~ Marti Hannon, former family caregiver and owner, World Changer Consulting

We so appreciate any amount you can donate! And, we are grateful when you share our campaign with your friends, colleagues and social networks. You will make the lives of 10 family caregivers better! While the conference lasts a few days, the feelings of being of accepted and understood lingers for years.

You can donate via our GoFundMe campaign:

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