Her Words Were a Gift


Her Words Were a Gift

My mother loved snowmen. She would decorate her house with them. I always liked a variety of Christmas items, trees, snowmen, Santa, reindeer to decorate around the home. I was never one to follow one theme kinda thing. This Christmas season the hubby grabbed the items we had stored away, and we realized that the field mice had decided to make our storage boxes their toasty home during the cold weather. I was so upset to watch so many items be tossed away, and so many boxes not even opened as evidence of the critters was seen from the outside (entrance holes I called them). Hubby had decided that storing the Christmas stuff outside would be a wonderful idea last year. To be honest, I never noticed that he had moved everything to the "garage" as he calls it. The garage is a yellow tarp building where everyone (other than my hubby) parks their vehicles. Anyway, Christmas items were lost this year but we did manage to save a few boxes the wee critters hadn't moved into. So, together we put up the tree and the decorations.

I hadn't noticed until two nights ago what I had done. It actually makes me smile sharing this. That night, out of the blue I had received a message on Facebook from a friend of my parents -- she had just seen my notice of my parents, and brothers passing and wanted to connect with me and share stories she had of her and my parents friendship. It was so nice to hear her tell me about how they had met and the connection they had made. We started talking about my mom's love of snow when I noticed -- I had decorated the entire living room in nothing but snowmen. I have snowmen on tables, hanging from the wall, sitting beside the TV. I even have a wee tabletop tree that only has snowmen ornaments hanging from it. I couldn't believe I had done this. When I noticed and told my parents' friend, she laughed and shed a tear saying, "How wonderful that your mom was there helping you decorate for the holidays." I cried. Christmas is one of my most difficult seasons since the three of them passed away. I haven't been very festive and decorating has been such a chore, but this year I had actually felt like decorating the house. It was weird but I went with it. After speaking with my parents' friend I now understand why. I have been missing them during the holidays, and this year, Mom was here helping. Maybe this time, I felt them here.

It's hard to carry on sometimes when someone's loss can be very noticeable -- like the holidays. For me I remember them more, think back on holidays gone by, find myself wishing I could have just one more day. And maybe that's what I was just given -- one more day of them helping me decorate for their grandkids.

Well, that's how I am going to think of this, thanks to my parents' friend.

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Kathy...there's not much more to be said about this story, but THANK YOU!!! :o)


What a wonderful perspective and love that the snowmen survived! Praying for you as you go through this season. Thank you for sharing your precious memories and snowmen memorial to your mom!!

Lillie Fuller

Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog with us. I also believe that was your mom there helping you decorate. She thought it was time to bring out only the snowmen. I'm glad you had this special time!