He's About the Same


He's About the Same

drop-of-water-166735_640"Oh, he's about the same."

That's what I tell them.

"He's about the same."

I always say

I don't want to tell and they don't want to hear

That he's so much worse in every way.

"Oh yes, I'll tell him

That you said 'Hi' "

"No, I won't forget"

While I heave a sigh

"He's about the same.

He's about the same."

And I just want to cry.


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Thanks Michelle, to say I can relate to this is an understatement!\nPeople mean well - but Paul has a progressive disease so baring a miracle .. (Which of course we always hope for , ) but barring that he''s either \" the same \" or worse ! After awhile people get a bit weary of hearing \" he's not so good , so I say those magic words ... \"He's about the same \"! It's like placing a babdaid on an open gash,, with blood and goo oozing out. But it helps the asker - but as I turn away - like you-?tears flow and I think \" does anyone really want to know the truth anymore ??\n- Joyce


Michelle, your poetry is just spectacular. I'm so glad you share it with us because it helps us find the words to say what can feel so difficult to express.


Michelle, when I saw the title of your post, it just hit me like a ton of bricks. My phrase is different (I say \"He's doing ok\") but it serves the same purpose. \"They\" feel compelled to ask but they really don't want to know. We have to respect their wishes but it can feel so lonely. Which is why coming here provides so much relief. I know I am among kindred spirits and I don't have to worry about freaking someone out with my sometimes very ugly reality.


Thank you for sharing this Michelle, I relate -- and it touched my heart. Poetry can go places that other words can't reach.


Michelle, your words show respect for others and an honesty that you have for yourself. It is sad but oh, so real. ((Hugs))

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