He's Always With Me


He's Always With Me

Photo 2014-04-14 09_21_10Three months ago today Grandpa went to the hospital and didn't come home. I miss him every day, some days it feels like the tears won't stop and some days it's laughter that brings Grandpa close. I would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support, your thoughts and prayers mean more to me than you'll ever know. I would like to share with you all the words I spoke at my Grandpa's funeral:

My mom and I have lived with my Grandpa for as long as I can remember. As I grew up Grandpa would drive me to and pick me up from school and I spent my summers with him in his truck picking up recyclables and anything he thought he could fix and make a buck on. Grandpa was a very resourceful man.

Grandpa stepped in to help raise me without a second thought. So when his physical needs required 24-hour care I stepped in to the role of caregiver without a second thought. Now caregiving isn't always easy and I didn't do it alone but caring for my grandpa was an honor, a privilege. Caregiving gave me the gift of time, time with my best friend, a good man and the greatest Grandpa a kid could ask for.

During the years I cared for my Grandpa he would often call my name, he'd say Yoli, Yoli Yoli. But the sweetest moments were when he'd say "You're my girl" or "You're my baby" and I would tell him he was my buddy. And for as long as I can remember Grandpa and I would be the last ones up at night. Neither one of us would go to bed without saying "Goodnight I love you."

Grandpa, I will always be "Your girl" "Your baby" and you will always be my buddy.

Goodnight Grandpa, I love you.

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That brought tears to my eyes, Yolanda. Your story reminds me of how meaningful caregiving can be when it is an expression of love.


Thank you everyone. Grandpa was an amazing man. My Aunt likes to say that each of us thinks we were his favorite because that's how he made each of us feel. :)


Yolanda, I love your stories about your grandfather. How blessed you both were (and are) to have such a loving, supportive relationship. He, truly, is always with you.

Lillie Fuller

You were a lucky girl! What a blessing to be that blessing to him! Your words are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your tribute with me! I had two grandmas but didn't know either of my grandpas so I didn't know the grandpa love.


How wonderful that you had such an amazing relationship with your grandfather.

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