"He's MY Miracle Patient!"


"He's MY Miracle Patient!"

Today as we visited Richard's primary care physician for his quarterly check-up. This is no April Fools joke, reality before our eyes, a miracle in the works! After reviewing all the blood work, checking in on recent history with his health, then receiving updates from both of us she just uttered these words:

"He Is My Miracle Patient!"

Given three to four months to live in October of 2011, in August of this year we will 'celebrate' two years since the original diagnosis of esophagus  cancer. Like many families who go through a cancer diagnoses, we were filled with so many diverse emotions.  Now two years past, we are thankful for each and every day we spend together.  Sure some days are better than others and the esophagus does 'act-up' from time to time. The tumor does have a mind of its own!

Being a family caregiver comes with quite a bit of sacrifice and courage, and just like 'The Little One", I have my good days and I have my bad days.  Sleepless nights, worrying about things that I cannot control and wondering what's going to happen next.  It's all part of the role of being a family caregiver.

Yet on a day like today, being a family caregiver is put into perspective when Dr. Starcevic turned to me and said, "Thank you  for being a caregiver."  Those long nights, followed by those uncertain  days were a thing of the past because of those simple words uttered by Dr. Starcevic!  Of course, a big smile from 'The Little One' helped, too!

You see...We Might Have Cancer, But Cancer Does Not Have Us!

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Chris MacLellan

It is good news...YEAH!!!!


\"Thank you for being a caregiver.\" -- What a blessing! I add my thanks, too. Thank you for being a terrific caregiver to TLO and also for being a terrific caregiver to this site, to the rest of us, and through all of your outreach. TLO looks radiant! :D Mazel tov!

Jo Rozier

@Chris\r\n\r\nIf I can pile-on, thank-you for being an AWESOME Caregiver!!!

Chris MacLellan

Richard, \n\nYour comments_mysql brought tears to MY eyes. Thank You for taking the time to write and thank you for sharing your story. Even in the most difficult days, it is an honor to be a caregiver. \nThank you so much for making my day!\nChris