English: Description: A Baboon (Papio) Baby hi... English: Description: A Baboon (Papio) Baby hiding in the shadow Deutsch: Beschreibung: Ein Pavian Baby (Papio) wurde von seiner Mutter zum Schutz vor der Sonne in den Schatten gesetzt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overload. Dementia x 2. "No=Guilt." Divorce Finalizing. Depression (me). Don't want to see my ex. Miss my birds. Birds passed away last year. Guilt. Anniversaries.

Pensive. Relax. Breathe.

Relax and Breathe. Really???

Boundaries.  Really???


I hide. I hide in computer room. I hide at Peet's. I hide in "my room."

Addendum to "Did I Eat That?"

@ildestino1: Dad is putting meds out in their pill boxes and doesn't know what he is taking, let alone what Mom is taking. Percocet is in Mom's side drawer accessible to her not in a lock box. When I ask Dad about medical safety and security and her dementia and the fact that she will take extra without remembering he says, Don't worry.

When I ask, "Is this your pill Dad?" (I don't have medical POA.) He says, Yes. But he doesn't know he's diabetic,  let alone what he's taking. (I found out he's diabetic when I took him to the DMV for a Driver's Test and saw Diabetic on his "chart.")

I hear, "Yes, because mine is the big pill and Mom's has the long pill."

"What are they Dad?"

"Doesn't matter just put them on the table."

I know these meds need to be monitored and the doctor has put my father in charge of dispensing meds. Dad starts drinking at about one in the afternoon, he's diabetic, he has the beginnings of dementia.

Dad, I went to nursing school.

Dad I have a B.S. in Health Science.

Dad I know that Percocet combined with Seroquel  can f**** with your body and kill you.

This  . . . Does . . . Not . . . Make . . . Sense.

Mom is on Seroquel and multiple other Meds. Dad is on Warfarin and multiple other meds. I'm catching things like gas burners being left on. Trying to get hold of Alzheimer's Association. Can't. Get machine.

Mom takes peaches but God forbid she takes my herbs that I take at night and overdoses on something or I run out of my meds and really can't take care of anyone.

Overload. Guilt. Hiding.


il  :)

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Nice Trey and nice to meet you and thanks for \"Liking\" Double Dementia Paradox . . . . great way to put this 'game' . . of topping . .. and put some sense of humour into what we are dealing with . . . yes to being thankful . . gratitude is incredibly important! Yup topper gas burners on today . . . caught it .. . Mom covered in Pee . . . . next? Blessing . . . They're OK! All of us are OK! Always, il


Oh thank you thank you thank you . . . did I say thank you?????? So glad I came back for one more peek at this site! Might sleep tonight . . . . thank you. Again. ((((((((((hugs)))))))) il. Yes! to trigger manipulation words to help! il. This is how you can tell I'm excited about something hee. il.


Ooh, I am wondering if your dad has put you on any paperwork with the dr. Office that will authorize you to discuss their care... If not, I have had success in just letting the dr office know that care isn't making sense or unable to care for herself. Asking for an evaluation by a nurse or maybe mentioning abuse of meds by Dad could trigger something. Maybe trigger words?


Thank you Lisa\r\nil


Wishing you peace of mind.Thanks for sharing this.

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