Holiday Progressive Blog Party Guidelines


Holiday Progressive Blog Party Guidelines

Are you a family caregiver with a blog?

Between December 4 and 10, be a host in our Holiday Progressive Blog Party! It's a cook-free party; instead of dishes, we're sharing comfort and support. Throughout the week of December 4, we'll stop by the blogs of family caregivers, dropping off holiday well-wishes and good cheer.

On, we'll giving away a gift a day. To win, just post a comment on the site. Each day, we'll award a person who comments a gift created by one of Santa's very special helpers.

Are you a family caregiver without a blog? No worries! The Progressive Party will introduce you to family caregivers so that you can create a system of support. You also can start your own blog by using services such as blogger and WordPress. Great with words but flummoxed by technology? Email Denise--we're always looking for new bloggers on our site.

Do you have a site that helps family caregivers? Great--join our party! During Progressive Party week, please offer a special deal to the family caregivers who visit your site. Your special deal may be a discount on your products or services, a freebie, or a give-away. We'd also ask that you donate a prize to our Progressive Party, as we'll give away prizes to the party visitors. To donate a prize, please email Denise.

Here's how you join our blog party:

1. Place the widget on your site:

We'll send you the code for the widget when you send us an email (see Step No. 2).

2. Send Denise an email so we can add your site to our blog party directory. In your email, include your website address and a brief description of your site. Visitors will use the directory to visit the blog party sites.

3. Add holiday decorations to your website.

4. On December 4, please post an article on your site about the Progressive Party. Be sure to welcome your new visitors and provide information about your site, your company (if appropriate) and your caregiving situation (if appropriate). Then, blog as you normally would the rest of the week.

5. Family caregivers: Please share a current struggle or worry when you visit other sites. And, share a perspective or insight that will help other family caregives. Our hope is that, by sharing, you can lighten your load and gain some new ideas and solutions.

6. Companies who provide products or services: Be sure to include information about your give-away or freebie on your site. And, please email Denise about your prize donation.

Thanks for joining us!