Home at Last


Home at Last

stockings_hung_on_mantleAnd let the circus begin! Mom finally made it home from rehab Saturday morning. I got the feeling they weren't too happy about keeping her the extra day. When I called her around 9 a.m. to tell her everything was all set for her to come home and that we did indeed have a bed, she told me she was sitting in bed eating breakfast. Interesting.. that rehab always had her up, washed, dressed and in a wheelchair and down to the dining hall and back to her room by 9 a.m. for six solid weeks! She arrived by ambulance on a stretcher still in her nightgown. I suspect the staff was told not to do anything at all for her since she really wasn't supposed to be there. My impression anyway.

So far I am just about keeping my head above water and I have help. I cannot imagine how all of you caregivers manage with someone who cannot get out of bed on your own. We, myself and the two caregivers who are helping me, are not yet comfortable with the lift. The one they sent has a different sling from the one I was trained on. And no one bothered to show me how you single handedly move her to a commode with the thing. The wheelchair doesn't look the correct size either. So to be safe, poor Mom is stuck in bed until PT and OT get out here to make sure we all know how to do things right and I know if the wheelchair is the right one for her needs.

Toileting is a whole 'nother issue. In 24 hours we have changed the bed twice. If this keeps up I will need a home loan to pay the water bill. Mom woke me up four times last the night because she needed to go to the bathroom. Twice she produced something and twice not so much. Wondering if I need to get her urine tested. Hopefully our nurse will be here Monday or Tuesday to check things out.

I hate feeling out of control. Things aren't in their proper places, closets are overflowing with stuff we moved to get it out of the way, and what do you do with all the stuff they send you home with? Three or four half-used bottles or tubes of lotions, creams and deodorant; half used packages of body wipes, and how about the three open containers of Advair? One as one dose left, one, seven doses and another 12 doses! Maybe the cost of health care would be less if we used up what was in the first container before we open another!

Tomorrow is another day, the intake nurse from the VNA sent a pleading email to PT and OT to get out here ASAP (maybe she saw the panic in my eyes) so who knows how many people will join our personal circus tomorrow.

On a positive note, Mom seems to be grateful to be home and has a smile ready for anyone who comes in the room and we actually caught a few minutes to figure out some gifts to order for Christmas. Peace to you all...be back soon with more tales.

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TDM, I hope you're getting a chance to breathe. Circus aside, I'm very glad you have help, and I hope everything is slowly but surely getting straightened out as much as possible. One dust mote settling at a time. I especially hope that there is not a urine issue to add to the chaos. (((Hugs)))