Hospice for the New Kid on the Block


Hospice for the New Kid on the Block

road-863126_640Well she passed the test (or failed the test) and has been accepted by the hospice community. Our timing could have not been better. The first night she had chills, bowel problems, and anxiety (sundowner syndrome). Hospice had two potent medicines sent over and we both got a good night's sleep. We had lots of follow-up the next morning, and even though today was really hard on my sweetie, I have a relaxed feeling that everything is going well.

Hospice is proving to be a lifesaver for my sweetie. She has 24/7 access to a special nurse, we have a box of back-up medication that is really potent. We have a social worker, a chaplain, and a hospice volunteer for simple housekeeping and companion tasks. My sweet Elsie will have the best of care as we transition from sustaining life to simply providing comfort and she travels towards her final exit. All this in addition to the benefits we get as a member of our Rose Villa community.

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I am so very glad that hospice is providing Elsie and you with everything you need as you enter this new stage of your love-filled journey together.


Although I haven't responded frequently, I have read your posts and have followed your journey. Your posts always gave me a sense of peacefulness. You love and devotion to Elsie always came through loud and clear. May hospice aid you in keeping your journey loving and peaceful. My thoughts are with you.


Thank you for sharing Elsie's remarkable life with us, and your honest story about your life together. I hope Hospice brings you deep peace, as you share the decisions and small details of her care. I will be thinking of you both.