Hospice Help, Giving and Receiving


Hospice Help, Giving and Receiving

Mom has been in home hospice since July 31. We now have everyone "on board" with their visits. We have a fabulous team to help support her and us through this transition.

The fist week was mayhem, getting all the pieces out to visit and scheduling everything we needed. On top of that, I had to get Rod to Grace Arbor twice a week while not leaving Mom alone, at all. Let's say it was challenging. Emotions ran high just because of the nature of this step. The balance of care shifted dramatically towards Mom, and this produced some anxiety for all.

Things are getting into more of a routine now. I feel comfortable with the "comfort" meds, the oxygen, who to call and when to call.

Each person in our Seasons Hospice team is a caring, warm, sincere partner. Each time someone comes, their last question is always, "What else can I do for you?" which brings much comfort.

Yesterday was our first Chaplain visit. We had a very long discussion on end of life, how we all feel about it and she asked each of us, "Do you have any fear about this process?"

Moving to this more intense part of caregiving for Mom, while supporting Rod where he is in his journey, takes good juggling skills. I have dropped a few balls lately, but nothing broke. We will get through this step, just like we have climbed all the other steps given to us over the last few years.

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Thanks for sharing Sharon. Im glad you have a good hospice team! That means soooo much esp. when you and Rod are in another phase of the journey..I cant imagine juggling both Mom and Rod. Your loved ones are blessed to have you as their caregiver. Hugs and prayers