Hospice Starting Today

I've had a lot of people tell me that Hospice would be a big help with Mom, as well as protection for myself. Although she's been without a UTI for over a month now and we are doing everything possible to prevent more UTIs, she has built up resistance to all but two oral antibiotics and does not want IV antibiotics at the hospital. We had an appointment with her primary care doctor on Tuesday, and she agreed that Mom qualifies for Hospice.

The ironic part of this is that Mom is doing the best she has all year mentally. She does have increased pain (because of having to cut out her Celebrex) and has had diarrhea all week (which could indicate a serious infection, as a result of all the antibiotics). Hospice coming out will save me two trips (45 minutes each way) to pick up a lab slip and then return with a stool sample.

Two out of three of my siblings were shocked when I told them Hospice is coming. I haven't processed how I feel about it yet. I told Mom they are coming, but that it wasn't a "one-way" ticket. The Hospice people told me that they often have people get better, and stable, and get off Hospice. That's the approach we're taking with Mom. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. Hospice will help protect me if I don't take Mom to the hospital for IV antibiotics if she should get another UTI, or if the stool sample is positive for C Dif infection. Hopefully, they will also help with managing Mom's increased pain.

I'll keep you posted and would appreciate prayer today!

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