How Did You Learn to Provide Care?


How Did You Learn to Provide Care?

first_aid_kitSusannah Fox of Pew Research Center wrote a blog post this week entited, "Hacking Home Health Care." In her post, she shared how family caregivers use what they can find to make home care work. She offers the example of a family caregiver who uses a baker's spatula to help turn her caree in bed.

Her post reminded me of the stories you've told over the years of how you've learned to use equipment and techniques in your home. I think of @kathy's post about trying to learn to use a hoyer lift and another family caregiver who practiced changing incontinence briefs on her sister before changing her caree.

So, I'm curious: How did you learn to use home care equipment and master caregiving techniques? Were you able to learn from health care professionals (like a physical therapist) or from videos on YouTube or books? Or did you wing it at home through trial and error?

Please share how you learned to care in our comments section, below.

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Trial and error- still

Chris MacLellan

When Father Orlando was under the care of the Sisters of St. Joseph, I learned a tremendous amount about how to use care equipment, how to transfer properly and how to use care techniques. The professionals made it look easier than it really was, but it was through their great example that I thought that this is something that I could do. Of course, there was quite a bit of trail and error along the way, but without the example from the Sisters of St. Joseph, I would have been completely unaware of the proper techniques and what 'dangers' to look for. \r\n\r\n It was also at that time when I learned the importance of communicating and interacting with Care providers and the importance of having a Care team.


a spatula? LOL Just common sense and T & E here...and bargaining.