How Do You Assign Responsibilities?


How Do You Assign Responsibilities?

Yesterday, on Your Caregiving Journey, Darren (@gcdsw2020) joined me to share his story of caring for his father. You can listen to our show via the player below.

During our show, Darren shared a terrific strategy: He assigned responsibilities to everyone on the team, including his dad. Darren instructed his dad to focus on doing his best in participating in therapy, making the most of the day, and following instructions from his health care team. Darren also knew that phone calls from the grandkids kept his dad's spirits up so, in essence, he assigned a responsibility to his nieces and nephews to keep in touch with their grandfather.

I thought this was a great way to get past some of the chaos of caregiving--particularly a chaos caused when no one stays focused. At times, it can feel like everyone twirls like a tornado. With responsibilities, individuals can stay focused. And, reminding individuals of their responsibilities can help them keep the focus. The responsibilities can become an effective way to cope with the stress because it gives everyone (especially your caree) a purpose.

I'm curious: How do you assign responsibilities to your caree (if appropriate) and/or other family members? Please share in our comment section, below.

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I love how beautifully this works when the family is on board. The delegation of responsibility reminds me of a first aid course my partner and I took 15+ years ago. We were told that if we're giving CPR (or doing something else), we need to be specific in delegating responsibility. Instead of saying, \"Somebody call 911!\" we are to pick an individual on the scene and say, \"<i>You!</i> Call 911.\" That specificity keeps the gears moving. I agree with <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@gail</a> -- I have no regrets and hope that feeling will remain. I'm the one who has shown up. I'm the one who's here.