How Do You Manage the Sad?

Yesterday, on Your Caregiving Journey, Holly, who cares for her husband, joined us to talk about how she manages her sad moments. You can listen to our show via the player below.

Holly and I talked about the difference between sadness and depression. For me, sadness is a response to an upsetting situation. I think depression, often described as anger toward inward, has a component of self-blame. I think depression sometimes can be sadness which we blame on ourselves.

Holly shared her techniques to move through her sad moments; she journals and visualizes putting the difficult emotion in a balloon and then pops it. And, she opened up about a sad moment that involved her husband and her son.

We ended our conversation with thoughts about how tough it can be to feel sad. We all have sad moments and it's important that we feel safe to talk about those, especially when the sad moments happen during a sad experience, like caregiving.

How do you manage your sad moments? Please share a recent sad moment and how you worked through it in our comments section below. I hope the sharing will be a technique that helps you move through the moment.

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