How I Deal with Stress


How I Deal with Stress

Cure for the common caregiver stress symptomsMy cure for the common caregiver stress symptoms. Some are just luckier than others I guess.

I think that it's time to go, I feel stress coming on and it's a beautiful day.

What takes you away from the stress?

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I love this, Don! I take a ride with my pen. :) Writing is how I take a break.

daffy don

A kiss and a look of trust from my sweet Elsie is my magic pill. I am blessed to be having this experience of caring for my love. Is it hard - Yes! Is it worth it - Yes! These may be the best days of our life together.


Nature is my best stress reliever. Beach, mountains, sanctuaries, preserves, the river, my own backyard ... wherever I can find some trees! :) Enjoy your motorcycle!


My husband, who is a mechanical genius, built a sandrail (aka dunebuggy) from scratch. He built it to be street legal, so we can drive to any off-road destination. He even let me do some decorative paintwork on it! (I'm an artist) The thing is sooo much fun!\r\nI paint smooth stones to look like little animals, which I sell in a shop in Old Town that's owned by a friend. Once in a while I get to do a sign or other large bedroom walls are covered in murals, homages to my favorite artists. \r\nAnd as I mentioned before, I love to read. Nothing like a good book to take me away, and outside of myself for a while.\r\nThank you for this post!