How to Deal with Emotions

As much as I had such a great weekend, I noticed that it can all change in a heartbeat once something happens and my emotions come into play. How do you deal with emotions that are all over the place? Why is it so easy to go from happy to sad in an instant and then it takes days to go from miserable to happy?

Last night something happened and I got upset about it. Because I don't know how to deal with my emotions, I started to get angry. The only upside to it is that since I have been blogging here and expressing myself, I didn't feel that pit in my stomach as much. I walked around the house with a huge frown and pissed off at everything. I usually can't sleep at night if I get like that because it just lays on my mind.

My brother, who again has not been there for my mom, sent me a text message yesterday asking me to ask my mother to get him something. Now here is a someone who has not done anything, hasn't even spoken to me or mom but yet has the nerve to ask me to do something for him. My first response would be to do it. This time I decided to hold back the reigns and say no. I didn't care whether he had a problem with it or not but you can't have it both ways.

This morning I ran into him and he was actually nice. I wanted to puke. Whenever my brother is nice he always finds a way in and then I start trusting again where we always manage to argue and I got upset. He asked how my mom was doing. Doesn't he have a phone? Would it be that hard to take two seconds out to say how are you? Why is it all on me?

I took another vacation day today and it has been for the most part pleasant. I have a choice either to use the vacation days or get paid for them. I decided that my mental health right now is more important and I would rather take the time off. It also gives me more time to spend with mom.

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