How to Get Over the Anger I Have with my Brother


How to Get Over the Anger I Have with my Brother

punch-316605_640I have a younger brother who is 12 years younger than I.

He has always been able to get help "money" from Mom since he really didn't have a father because of my parents divorce. He stayed with Mom until my older brother got out of the services. So my younger brother got married and Mom helped him the 12 years they were married because his ex thought she was owed from my brother's family.

Fast forward to him getting remarried and having three children. They lived in a home they were about to lose; his son was really young at this time. We bought a home in our subdivision for them to rent, which made it easier for us to help with the little one because the parents worked at Disney and had such weird schedule. We were babysitters for him for almost four years.

Since my brother moved in this area where Mom and I live, he would come to get a free meal and leave without a thank you. His older children weren't that much help.

But to the reason I am so angry at my brother. Since Mom has been in the hospital or rehab I have had to beg, borrow and steal to get him to help me with visiting Mom on his four days off. He went on a cruise last week, so I thought he would go to see Mom right away but he didn't. I exploded on him on Saturday, which didn't do much. He did visit her on his two days off. He had yesterday off but he was too busy to go see his mom. My oldest brother goes once a day to see Mom and I am grateful for that cause he doesn't do well in hospital type of environment.

This coming weekend my youngest brother's oldest son graduates from high school and his youngest son graduates from pre-k. So the weekend will be busy. My nephew graduating from high school wants his grandmother (my mom) to come to see his graduation ceremony. I asked my brother to find out how we do this at the place where the graduation ceremony. But I know I am going to end figuring it out.

All of our siblings will be here this weekend, but I don't expect a lot of help this weekend.

I just hate the feeling I have for my brother right now. I love him but I hate him for not getting involved in help with my mom.

I guess I am tired of the two trip a days to see mom, and now I don't see my granddaughter or my nephew and I hate my days right now.

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