How Was Your Day?


How Was Your Day?

winter_scene_4We had a cold day today in Chicago, with snow on its way tonight and through the rest the week. Our wintry weather helped me pick out the photo on the right.

How was your day today? How are you feeling about closing out 2013 and opening up 2014?

What was the hardest part of your day? How did you make it through?

Please tell us about your day in our comments section, below.

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Well, I had a pretty good day. It started with knowing that the RN was coming to change Elly's leg wound bandage but didn't know what time. Friday we purchased IMAX movie tickets for today at 11:30am so there was no negotiating when I would be leaving the house! The RN called to say he would come between 12:30-1:30 - I didn't need to be there, Hurray! neither did Nursey Sister since she was sleeping (she worked the last two nights). I called the Home Health Scheduler and asked for an Aide to return, if possible, TOMORROW! to give Elly a shower, this time while I am home! I was able to schedule the washing machine repair guy to check out the part he replaced in October which has failed miserably! My last chore before leaving was to leave a message for my case worker to see about some cleaning help (never got a call back). We enjoyed The Hobbit in IMAX 3D, thanks to gifts! LivingRoom Son and FutureFiancee met us at the movie then came home and played games with us! Awesome Hubby is watching football and soon Elly will go to bed and we'll be alone. . . hopefully! Hardest part (not too hard) of the day was answering Elly's questions - she's not hearing or understanding what is going on without asking questions. It seems strange that 2013 has gone so fast. I am still missing my close friend Lynn who passed this summer and now another friend (not close) passed before Christmas from cancer and I am not wanting to think about attending her funeral. . . I've already sent condolences. 2014 means another long year living with Grandma, loving being close to NurseySister and likely celebrating a wedding. . . and of course, the possibility of saying Good Bye to Grandma a final time. Another full season of life!