How Was Your Day?


How Was Your Day?

cyberscooty-winter-landscapeThanks so much to all who made today on incredibly productive.

This morning, @worriedwife and @kreisler kept @kc9hdp company through our WAIT Buddy program. @donna, @roaringmouse and @cathymitchell offered @jillybean great ideas. And, then @comicvixen @kreisler and @kc9hdp jumped in with wonderful suggestions to help @rwagoner10 get organized.


How did you do today? When did you struggle to keep the faith? What was easier than you thought it would be?

Please tell us about your day in our comments section, below.

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Bad day yesterday, but managed to pay a couple bills (looking at the positive, even that lousy one). So hard to be motivated these days and the cold doesn't help. BTW, Denise, great talk last Tuesday...this is my outlet for handling such. So difficult at times.


My day yesterday was kind of busy, with a DR appointment for me and mom having trouble with het tummy which caused problems with het colostomy bag. My nephew is coming down with something, and my granddaughter is sick. My daughter in law is sick and ask for me to watch Our granddaughter, but I told her I could not afford for my mom to get sick. I felted bad but I have to put my mom and myself as first priority in my life.


I found today challenging as I called Home Health to find out why we haven't seen our Shower Aide. . . didn't get an answer, the RN didn't call back. The Scheduler said we weren't on the schedule and we would have to talk to the RN about getting new orders for Home Health. The Wound Clinic wrote orders for Home Health to come out and check the bandage on Saturday. I don't want to get a new aide from Valley Caregivers Resource yet because Elly doesn't really like the idea nor usually the person who comes out. Angela was such a gift but her agency isn't contracted with VCR :( I found out today that I was exposed, definitely to the H1N1 virus at work. Oiy, Vey!! With care, I will work on staying healthy! I rarely get the flu, last year was my year to have it so I should be okay, right??