How Was Your Day?


How Was Your Day?

African_sunsetHow did you do today? When did you have to hold your tongue? What happened that let you breathe?

Tell us about your day in our comments section, below.

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Today was a day of ups - I felt good, picked fresh veggies from Hubby's garden for dinner (tomatoes and corn on the cob) and finally managed to get clean sheets on our bed -YIPPEE!!; and downs - well, there was really only one down, but it was a biggie... Mom's health insurance refused to pay for her new increased dosage of pain medication. Of course you have to wait until the last possible minute to actually fill this kind of prescription so I don't have any left, and who knows how long it will take for our doc to fill out the paperwork to get it approved. It's a good thing the strength has changed so much lately that I can mix and match leftovers to get to the right dosage. \"Yep, you do have to take 9 pills - Sorry Mom.\"

Casandra Porter

:) I've been all smiles all day. Although, there was The Long Wait of 2013 which will be the title of my short Indie film about how I had to pass time today waiting for the carpet cleaners to show up and then waiting for my carpet to dry. I really did not plan out this day well. Overall, it was a good day. Spent lots of cuddle time with the hubby. That always makes for a good day.


My day has been full of stress because my mom still doesn't know what wrong and she is scare and so I'm I. Tomorrow is cat scan day and I will glad just to know.