How Was Your Day?


How Was Your Day?

chocolate-87050_640How was your day today?

What was difficult? What made you nervous? How did you manage?

What blessing arrived unexpectedly? What did you learn that will help you tomorrow?

Please tell us about your day in our comments section, below.

(I've included a photo of a chocolate cake tonight because @lisa03 wrote about brownie points and, well, I wish I had a brownie and a slice of chocolate cake. Yum!)

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Oh, well, today was a Monday for me at work, more than usual paperwork so the day went quickly! I came home to Elly with lots of containers on the counter in the kitchen as she was looking for something to fix for lunch. She's been cautious, knowing she shouldn't make my lunch anymore. My friend came and walked an ambitious 4 miles with me - she had just walked about 2 miles an hour before! I shared Trish's book, Forever a Caregiver with my friend who grew up in Oakdale and is caregiving for various relatives right now! \r\n\r\nI wish I had a fun joke like Richard's right now :)