How Was Your Day?


How Was Your Day?

41270-Winter-SunsetHow was your day today?

What stopped you in your tracks? How do you manage your difficult moments? Which moments were easy? When were you able to stop and take a break?

What went well enough that you will take into your tomorrow?

Tell us about your day in our comments section, below.

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Difficult in several ways. Elly's leg needed to be rebandaged and NurseySister was asked to do that. When I got home, found out NS didn't know what to do - I texted directions on where to find the Home Health orders. I dreaded dealing with NS since I felt she didn't want to deal with it. It did get done, NS decided not to follow directions exactly but it got done. She asked me to teach her to wrap with the Juxtalite but didn't want to follow my direction nor the instructions that were printed. I held my ground gently and she obeyed. Very stressful tho... NS is addressing the shower issue but seems to let Elly decide without understanding that Elly will not remember and be confused unless some days are picked to make a schedule - That's a no-brainer right?? Ughh... Elly went out and cleaned the counter in the garage so stood on her feet way too long and the leg I wrap is more weepy that it should be, with some spots bleeding. So, sisterly tensions aside, NS did come and do the wrap, hopefully the last one. We'll see on Wednesday!