How Was Your Day Today?


How Was Your Day Today?

rainy-day-868411It was a rainy day today in Chicago--a good day to take it easy.

What was your day like? How did you feel? Please tell us about your day in our comments section, below.

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So glad you made it out of the day alive. :)


So happy and relieved that Robert is doing better! Egads, you have all had one heckuva month! Pedis sound like just the way to go -- I'm very glad you got that chance to unwind even if just a bit. Am keeping my fingers crossed for Robert and for you all. Go Niners!

Casandra Porter

Let's see. After staying up all night until 9AM this morning worrying about everything, I finally passed out. I was able to get some sleep on and off throughout the day. Which was great for Marc because he got to play video games all day. After waking about for good around 4PM, I've been working on some journaling exercises for my anger management and stress management. They seem to be working. As I write about the things that are really bothering me I feel my body releasing a lot of tension. Hopefully this helps long-term.


So glad the three of you took a break today for some pampering. I'm so glad Robert is better. I hope your Niners win. :)

Chris MacLellan

Our day has been challenging; in fact most of the week has been challenging. TLO started on a new med on Wednesday (steroids) but today has been his worst day all week. We'll be calling the doctor in the morning and it looks like we'll be scheduling at CT scan this week. We've wanted to avoid any more radiation, but the CT scan will be helpful. My comfort this evening has been pizza and a hockey game on the radio!