Humor is a Must for Us


Humor is a Must for Us



I know there have to be so many out there who aren't caregivers that would beg to differ with that statement. For valid, serious reasons. We are entrusted with the care of loved ones 24/7 a lot of the time. We have to make decisions on everything from medicines to what we're preparing for dinner. We're often isolated, depressed and .... the list goes on.

WE need humor? Uh, well that's a given. Of COURSE we do!

If we can't laugh at life and  lots of times ourselves and our carees, how enjoyable would that be. Sometimes we have to struggle to find joy or happiness in the days. We all have them. Goodness knows I do at times. Sometimes they come in abundance.

My daddy has always been the jokester in our family. Always picking at us, friends, anyone really. He has the secret of making us laugh when he doesn't even mean to. Just last night I had a really funny thing happen but it wasn't because Daddy was trying to be funny - he was being stubborn.

Let me give you the set up:

10:30 - Dad, you want to get ready for bed? Nope, I'm busy. He was busy reading the Sunday morning paper (yes at that hour) and watching one of those poker tournaments on the tube. 11:00 - Dad? C'mon let's start getting you ready for bed. Nope, I'm still busy. Now mind you, while all of this is going on, I am back and forth in the house winding things up for the day (dishes, laundry, etc) so it's not like I didn't have anything to do. 11:30 - Dad, you need to go to bed. I know I'm getting ready. Whew! Finally right? Well, he always goes by the bathroom (as we've all learned to do) before going to bed. I'm walking behind him supporting him, he turns and isn't going to the bathroom. Dad, you need to go straight. Nope, don't need to. He just keeps going. HEY! Yes you do! I said no - I said yes - you get the jist? On and on..... Thankfully my daughter came in from work at that time and saved the day. She busted him and he listens better for her than he does for me sometimes. Well, lots of times. What a relief that was when I heard her voice! Well, he settles down, listens, we get him down for bed (yes, the three of us - me, Bekah and our cat Coco), and turn out the lights.

That late night prank made for a long end to the day. And he probably didn't realize how frustrated I was becoming. But afterward I laughed and laughed. I don't think I could keep going daily if we didn't have our jabs, jokes and tickles.

So if not for us, humor IS a must for me.

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