Humour and Hills


Humour and Hills

imagesI try to ride my bike as often as I can. It's good for my health, it's great for my sanity. However, this summer I'm fairly certain that my bike is out to get me. It reminds me a lot of long lost cousin of the kite-eating tree that Charlie Brown contended with. I usually ride around town, but there is a wonderful paved trail that goes from the next block over to the next town over, about 6 miles. Today I successfully made it in about 40 mins and while on my ride I thought how riding my bike lately has been mirroring what's going on in my life.

The first trip I made out on the trail I ran over a porcupine. Yep, a nice, prickly, lumbering porcupine. I'm not sure how that happened and am definitely not sure how I managed to keep my bike up right with me on it. However, it's like life. You meet a prickly situation, you get through it and you are okay on the other side. You focus on what is happening and you deal with it as it happens, there is no plan.

The second trip on the trail resulted in a broken chain while going up hill. I had to phone my husband to come get me as I was far enough from the house to not want to push the bike back. Not to mention a storm was coming. In my caregiving journey, it is usually me looking after my husband. This time I had to rely on him and we were okay. The world didn't come to an end because I had to ask for help.

So maybe it's time to avoid the trail? I decided to take my boys (two dogs) for a ride on the biking trail through town because what could  possibly happen? Well another dog could happen. Someone's dog ran out of its yard and my larger dog decided that was a perfect time to go check them out, forget the fact that he was on a leash that I was holding on to while biking at a decent pace. Crash goes the bike, off goes the dog and my other dog decided he should hide under a tree lest he becomes a landing pad for me. I managed to not fall flat on my face.  It's like life though; things can come out of nowhere and we have to deal with them right away to prevent a crisis from occurring. Sometimes we have to yell a little (yes I swore) and collect our dogs and continue on.

Today I sucked it up and decided to try the trail again. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again? I surprised myself. There were no casualties, mechanical, personal or animal. I kept a good pace, focused on myself and enjoyed the sunshine. Then came the hill. Oh how I hate the hill. I can usually make it about half way up before I'm gasping for air and have to get off and push. There are times when Mike is ill and I feel myself staring at a hill, wondering how we are ever going to get over it. We get over it one way or another and as time has gone by getting over the hill has gotten easier as we know how to navigate it. I dropped gears on my bike and decided to give it a try.

Guess what? I peddled the entire hill. I had made it. My reward was the nice long drop down the other side of hill, coasting like a kid with my hair in the wind.

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Wonderfully said and so much for all to relate to!


Love the insights in this, Chris, and especially the part about riding over a porcupine. Somehow I can imagine doing that. Your ability to keep it all in perspective is fabulous. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Holy ouch! Congrats on surviving the ride, Chris. :D


Great post Chris and I love your sense of humor. I am all for finding the humor in dark situations and you are doing a wonderful job. Keep climbing that hill and watch out for porcupines and loose dogs:)