Hurray! There Are Caregiving Resources in Fresno, CA


Hurray! There Are Caregiving Resources in Fresno, CA

Fresno Valley Caregiver Resources Fresno Valley Caregiver Resources

I decided last week during Spring Break that it was time to seek resources for my own sanity. Our situation isn't critical but very slow moving compared to what we thought it would be like. My Awesome Hubby and I will celebrate three years of living with my 92-year-old maternal Grandmother, Elly, in her home. Elly is very strong willed and has a fierce independence that comes from being German, born in the Ukraine raised by Mennonite parents. There are so many good traits that it is hard to fault her for such independence.

I decided to give a call to Fresno Madera Agency on Aging and find out where I should start on my quest for a support group here in Fresno. I was told to call Valley Caregivers. I did. I spoke with a very nice man, Ger, who said I could come by and speak with him about "opening a case" so that I could receive all that they had to offer. I rode over the next morning and found a wonderful group of agencies so I had to take a picture.

Ger was very easy to talk to and it didn't take long to "open a case." I received a folder full of the resources available to me. I explained to him about and how everyone here has been so wonderfully helpful.

Resources Found! Resources Found!

There are so many resources in Fresno, mostly through fundraising. Ger even gave me a dollar amount available should we need to hire someone to stay with Elly when we go away for our vacation. He was so encouraging. I thought of so many of you caregiving without resources and feel so blessed to find out what we have to work with here.

Our back-up plan can include these resources now, which is comforting to Awesome Hubby. The Caregiving Agency I used last November is one of their listed resources so I am already feeling comfortable. I left the magazine with resources on the couch for Elly to look through, which she did but didn't ask any questions about it.

I am glad I finally called and then went to meet with Ger at Valley Caregivers. As for the support groups, the one on the list that would benefit me is closed because of lack of interest. This was a general Caregiving Support Group, but there are Alzheimer's and ALS in both English and Spanish. There is also a phone call system of support for those specific needs and languages, maybe like what Denise does on her shows.

Anyway, I will be contacting the lady with the general group and let her know that I am interested and maybe we can find more folks who could meet Tuesday nights. We'll see what happens from here. I will get an email when classes are available and there is no charge to attend, even for Awesome Hubby to go with me.

I will let everyone know that is also the place to be for support.

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