I Am So Excited


I Am So Excited

chicago-690364_640Today I booked my flight for Chicago and registered for the Caregiving Conference! Tomorrow I plan to make the hotel reservations!

I am soo excited to be arriving on Thursday before the conference starts and leaving Sunday!! AH and I sat together this weekend and looked at the seminars for Friday and Saturday. This was the first time we had really talked about it. I got the feeling that he really didn't understand why I wanted to to go to this conference. I tried to explain: I get a lot of support through the caregivers here at Caregiving.com, I really, really want to meet Denise Brown face to face, I want to learn more about being a better caregiver etc. The comments AH made told me he still didn't understand so when he read the seminar descriptions as well as the speaker's credentials, I just held my breath!

He turned to me and said "Now I understand why you want to go."

I told him that I thought he should go with me (deserves to go also) but he said it would be waaayy too intense! I felt his approval and understanding! He has the idea that because we don't live with Elly anymore that we are not really Caregivers, with a capital C!

So much has changed in the last nine months and I haven't felt like my Caregiving role has diminished, rather just changed! My childhood Friend lives in Wisconsin now and I've asked her if she would come to the conference since she is a caregiver to her parents. She is planning to come for Friday night (hopefully) and Saturday!

Now, I have to figure out how to enjoy the next 2.5 months of waiting patiently for this weekend adventure! I am hoping my fellow Caregivers here will join me in the excitement of meeting face-to-face.

Lillie and I have met face-to-face already but I am hoping we can make the rounds together!!! Are you planning to come? Are you excited or facing obstacles to going? I want to encourage you if you are trying to make it work and let you know that if not this time, then maybe another time we can meet.

Yes, I am soo excited!!

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Deborah, you'll have to join us - there is a chocolate martini???


YES!!!!! \r\n\r\nI love how the agenda helped your husband understand!!!\r\n\r\nI'm so excited you are making the trip. It will be wonderful to finally meet you face-to-face after all these years. :)