I Am Tired of My Dreams


I Am Tired of My Dreams

(Today, we welcome @moviegoer to our blogging team. MovieGoer joined us earlier this year and has been active in our forums and sharing comments on our posts. I'm so glad she has decided to start blogging! Feel free to connect with MovieGoer, who cares for her parents, on her profile page: @moviegoer.)

tree-738816_640I hate that lately every single dang night I dream dreams representing loss, grief and frustration. They're transparent (obviously).

I wish I could slap my subconscious and say, "Enough already! I get it. I GET it!"

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<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/moviegoer/' rel=\"nofollow\"><a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/moviegoer/' rel=\"nofollow\">@moviegoer</a></a>, I totally hear you on your desire to get off the dreamland hamster wheel. I really don't need any more symbolic imagery to underscore the point that my life is largely out of my control and fraught with uncertainty. (Really? Gee, I had no idea! :) ) An endless parade of cell phones that don't work, doors that can't be locked, missed flights (and trains and boats to boot), getting lost in bad neighborhoods, intrusive houseguests who trash my house and then I find out I don't have any cleaning supplies, losing my house, losing my belongings, plastic that doesn't work, forgot to attend class all semester, etc. etc. etc. I wake up more exhausted than when I went to bed!


Hi--Our Forums have a few sections where you've posted before. \n\nWe've got a Q&amp;A section: http://www.caregiving.com/forums/forum/ask-a-question/\n\nAnd, we've got a section called \"Tell Us About Your Day\": http://www.caregiving.com/forums/forum/vent-and-share/tell-us-about-your-day/\n\nOur blog posts appear on the front page so publishing a post, like this, is how everyone will see an update. You'll see yours on the front page: http://www.caregiving.com.\n\nLet me know if this doesn't make sense. :) \n\nAnd, I'm curious about your dreams: Do you wake up knowing what they're about? Or, do you wake up, remember the dreams and wonder, What was that about? only to figure it out later?


Wow! I truly didn't intend for this to be a blog entry...ha! I got turned around on the site and forgot where to just post how I'm doing. Where IS the place that you just check in like that? I know there are \"community boards\" or something where it's divided into categories, and I've posted there. But I'm wondering if there's a \"front page\" sort of place where I can post something like this so that everyone will see it, as opposed to just whoever happens to click into a particular category where I've written it. Does that make sense?


Thanks for taking the time to speak out about your dreams. I am hoping that by \"speaking\" it out they will go away! Feel free to join our chat, we'd love to hear about your day too!


Thanks for sharing here about what is going on in your head and heart (especially the subconscious part). I hope you'll be able to find some control over that which is uncontrollable by seeing your day in print, and knowing we're here with you.