I Can Focus on Me?


I Can Focus on Me?

wool-300858_640Hello everyone.  How are you doing?

I have had a hard few months. In October, I ended up in the hospital for my diabetes and toe ulcers. I was at that time giving dad IV antibiotics so he had to go to the hospital too. My mom has dementia and so she could not stay alone so she was put into the hospital too before we placed her in a nursing home. I got my health under control.  Dad got out of the hospital and went to the nursing home where my momma was. They are social butterflies.They love bingo and trivia.

I am now just getting to know who I am and what I need to do to make me better. I am having ibs issue right now.  I hate it when you can't even pooh without problems. I am getting into crocheting and coloring. I love the felt pictures.  I still take Mom and Dad to all appointments and making them. I still have a lot of responsibility.

I am wanting to connect with other caregivers so please introduce yourself and we will get to know one another.

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Hi Amy!\r\n\r\nI'm so glad you are blogging again? How are you feeling?\r\n\r\nI recently set up an area in our forum to introduce ourselves. You'll find it in the \"Connect with Others in a Similar Situation\" section: http://www.caregiving.com/forums/forum/connect-with-others-in-a-similar-situation/\r\n\r\nPlease feel free to add your introduction there, too. :)


Hi Amy nice to meet you. :) I love to crochet check out The Crochet Crowd on the internet or Facebook they have great videos. See you around.