I Don’t Understand Grunts


I Don’t Understand Grunts

My  husband has dystonia. I usually describe it as being similar to Parkinson's Disease. He has trouble moving and on a rainy, yucky day like today his movements get even slower. Luckier, I was here and was able to pop some pills in him.

We have our own way of communicating. He grunts. Usually he gets his message across but for some reason today my mind and body didn't want to work.

"Can you move?" I asked.
"Rye wront  know."
"Do you need a pill?"
He manages to shrug his shoulders.
"I'm giving you a pill."
"Do you have water?"
"Sorry. I don't understand grunts."
He doesn't. I get him some.

I give him one pill. I go to give him more and in a sequence of tongue clicks, eye blinks, and lots of uhhhs -- he gets the message conveyed.
It takes just a few minutes for him to start moving again. For the most part I understand him. Me being largely uncommunicative my whole life helps. Wouldn't hurt to brush up, though.

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I have dystonia, too. I feel for both of you.