I Found Some Jingle But Lost my Bulbs!!


I Found Some Jingle But Lost my Bulbs!!

out-of-focus-christmas-lightsYes, you heard me right lol.

Unpacking decorations and I found a cluster (like grapes) of jingle bells, a snowflake made of jingle bells, a mistletoe ball with jingle bells, and oh so much more. I unpacked Dad's Christmas tree (antique ceramic tabletop tree) and set it up. He LOVES decorating it himself and putting his own spin on it every year.

Then I went to get the "bulbs" that fit in the holes. You guessed it, I can't find them. I looked everywhere, even went back to storage bldg and looked through all decorations. They have disappeared between last year and this year. So, it will be off to the craft store to get some.

Luckily they're fairly easy to find. Bekah is out celebrating her birthday tonight with friends, we celebrated earlier with lunch, cupcakes and presents. She said if she is close to the store that has them she'll pick some up. If not, I guess I'll be going in the next day or so.

Oh and yall would be so proud of me. You know the "visit" I've been dreading tomorrow from the cousin? Well I called her and just told her that when she wanted to come wasn't a good time for us (it really isn't). I just thought, oh well, my house my rules and I listened to my friends. :) She seemed to understand.

I want to thank you all for your support, prayers and good thoughts. They have helped a great deal! With the damp weather this nerve pain I have has been horrible today so I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Been a good day to sit back, and Dad's had a better day today. I just feel blessed, happy and full (spiritually). So nice to have this feeling and so nice to have all of YOU with me having my back!

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Hi--I'm so glad you made the right decision, which left you with the right feeling.\r\n\r\nI hope you find the bulbs today. :)


Having a good day for you and your Dad is just great, any way you can get it. So glad to hear about it. Glad to hear you could say what you needed to say to your cousin and now that is in the past. Hope your nerve pain lets up so you can have a good day today, too.


Your feeling of relief must be a sign that you did the right thing with the cousin! I'm so glad you have a more positive outlook today. I have one of those ceramic trees too - I love it. :-) Hope you find the bulbs!