I Hate Bad News, Part 2


I Hate Bad News, Part 2

hospital-661274_640Yesterday when my sister left after seeing my brother at the hospital she came by here to see my mom. We made small talk, she never said anything about my brother. When my mom got up to go in the bathroom my sister told me that my brother has a mass, they did a colostomy and closed him back up. The mass is very large and is also connected to his kidneys. His liver and spleen have lesions on them.

When my mom came out of the bathroom I gave my sister "the look," which meant "you better tell Mom," and she shook her head no at me. We continued the small talk. My sister and my nieces got up to leave and my sister motioned me to come outside. I went outside with her and she wanted to know what I was going to do. I told her I was going to tell my mom, she deserves to know. She has a clear mind, she's not stupid and she needs to know what is going on. I asked my sister, "If it was your son, would you want to know?".

We came back in the house and went in my mom's room, my sister, my nieces who are 23, and myself. My sister told my mom everything. My mom is not one to show emotion, she didn't cry or anything like that, she just told my sister thank you for telling her and my sister said she would keep us informed.

When my sister left my mom told me thank you for making my sister tell her. I didn't tell her I did it, she knew.  She doesn't need to be kept from the truth. My sister also said when she left the hospital that my sister-in-law had not yet told my brother what was going on because she wanted his mind to be clear.

I guess today or tomorrow an oncologist will come and talk to my brother and sister-in-law and let them know what the treatment plan is.

My brother is 63 years old, has been married for 39 years as of the 4th of September. My sister-in law-is an administrator at the hospital my brother is in. My brother works there also, he is known as Maintenance Dave. I know that my brother will receive the best care possible where he is. He is currently in a VIP room on the 4th floor, which includes his own suite!

Please keep the family in your prayers and upward thoughts.

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Lillie Fuller

Thank you Pegi. I appreciate your kind words. I'm learning so much from all of you here. Like you, this is my safe place, my sacred ground and all of you are my family!


Dear Lilly, I am so glad you take such good care of your mother. She definitely deserves to know what is going on in the family in this case! I trust and pray that you and your mom will have a peace about your brother's health. I am praying for healing in your family. Your mom has good reasons to trust you!


I'm saying prayers, Lillie. I hope good news arrives today. Please keep us posted as you can.


<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/lillie/' rel=\"nofollow\">@Lillie</a> keeping you and yours in my thoughts. Sending love your way.


I admire you so much for respecting your mother enough to allow her to receive the truth, and for insisting she hear it. She can make her own decision on how she handles the news, but it wasn't yours to keep secret. Now you can be with her as she deals with it. And you'll be together to share the concern, and hopefully good news as well. Sure hope his age and excellent care contribute to a good outcome.

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