I Hate Incompetence


I Hate Incompetence

redtapeHi, Guyz… Hoping all are well here. I know I’m stressed when I take the time to log into and blog about the latest. It's something I need to fit in, in between the vacuuming, filling out Mom forms, cleaning, and trying to take a shower. Arghh.

Very stressed right now. I hate incompetence. Jack Satter House--my mom is on the waiting list for this residence--sent out one of those ”Do you wish to remain on our waiting list?” forms for Mom to fill out. Okay, I get that. But it was dated August 7 from their location in our town, postmarked from outside our town, in Boston, on August 14, and Mom didn’t get it until the 16th–with the note in the letter that if she didn’t return it to them by tomorrow, Monday the 19th, they’ll remove her from the list. I mean, really?? So now I need to do a Mom late-to-work run in the a.m., again, and drop it off to make the deadline. Don’t worry, I’m making them know about this. If we hadn’t noticed, Mom’s name could’ve dropped off. Some offices and people just can’t manage to get out of their own administrative way.

If Mom gets a place (and my house co-owning cousin is making calls to them, too), he and I want to aggressively sell our co-owned home sooner rather than later. I just have so many things over these next two months at work that I myself oversee and am responsible for, that any type of move needs to wait until November or later, at the earliest. My cousin was on the board that helped get Jack Satter approved and erected, so perhaps I can get some help for once. Mom and I usually end up only being able to depend on ourselves to try to get everything done.

Keep you posted!



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Hi Gary--I'm with you on this--soooo frustrating. I hope all went okay this morning and that you're feeling like the monkey is off your back (at least a little). Always soo good to hear from you. :)