I Haven't Got Time for the Pain


I Haven't Got Time for the Pain

road-166543_640Today, this old Carly Simon tune keeps playing through my head.

Is it the catchy tune of the song or merely the repeated answer from Gregg's doctor when I complain about his level of pain? Pain like Gregg's is something he has to deal with, cover up, or wait long amounts of time to surgically deal with.

Three months! That is how long they expect him to be in this excruciating pain before they can replace his hip. A hip that is now bone on bone, grinding with every step, keeping him up at night, killing his appetite. This is acceptable?!  If this was the middle ages this would be considered a form of torture, a pain that would be debilitating to the body and mind, causing emotional distress. But today, it is a symptom, something to treat and control.

And if they can't to either they shrug their shoulders and put you in a long line with other suffers and sing, "I haven't got time for the pain!"

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Hi Colleen - Perhaps I have missed a previous post wherein you describe what pain meds your husband is on but the way I read your blog is that he is on NO pain meds! Have I got that right? Do you not have the right to go to a pain clinic and get the right kind off medications to help your hubby until such time as he received his new hip? This sounds horrific! What has happened to the oath which Dr's have to take when they graduate. Part of that also includes providing pain relief for patients who have genuine pain. This is SO wrong on every possible level!!\nColette xoxo


I don't have any answers to the pain situation Colleen. I just know that there should be readily available, effective pain control for anyone in severe chronic pain. It was a decade long struggle for my mother. The sheer exhaustion from living in such pain is horrible. Mental and physically. I hope his surgery comes sooner rather than later for both of you. Here in Massachusetts they are tightening the control over pain medication to the absurd level. If my mother hadn't lived with me I don't know how she would have managed The medications are no longer available for refill, and I had to drive to the doctor's office every month to get the prescription. Only after a cross examination about when the medication will be gone, and when did it refill last would they write the new one. Since the time frame was so short, then there was always the possibility that our pharmacy didn't have enough. Then it was pharmacy roulette to find one in the area that had it, and even then they don't like it if you have some pain meds filled in one place and some in another. Like my 93 year old mother was going to abuse it, or take it and sell it on the streets! It makes it so difficult for regular folks to have good, effective pain management so they can live comfortable and productive lives.