I Just Saw Her


I Just Saw Her

sunlight-166733_640When the mother of a friend passed away, my friend said, "And I just talked to her yesterday and she was fine." I thought that sounded like a good way to go. I started thinking about what I would like people to say when I die.

I Just Saw Her

When it’s my time to pass away,

I hope my friends can smile and say,

I just saw her last Sunday,

Singing in the choir stand,

Tapping her foot and clapping her hands.


When it comes my time to go,

Say, I just saw her Monday, you know,

Line dancing with youngsters at the Y,

Giving every step a try.


When it comes my time to pass,

Say she was just in yoga class,

Stretching, reaching, breathing, bending,

That sounds like a happy ending.


When my time on earth’s fulfilled,

Say I just saw her on the treadmill,

Not too fast and not too slow,

Trying to stay fit, don’t you know.


When I have to leave this land,

Say she was just playing with her grands,

Skipping along, holding their hands,

Making new play date plans.


When it comes my time to die,

Family, friends don’t sit and cry,

But say, I just saw her walking by,

She waved and gave a cheery “hi”.


When I go to take my rest,

Please know my life was heaven blessed.

By Michelle Andrea Brcken

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This is wonderful.