I Just Want to Scream


I Just Want to Scream


fork-839244_640I first must say I've never written a blog before. I do hope it turns out okay.

I fixed supper for us -- my granddaughter, husband and myself and then my son-in-law came in and joined us which was fine. No problem with any of that. The problem is my husband. I asked if he was ready to eat. Yep, he says.

Okay, he eats his cottage cheese and goes to sleep. I wake him up said, Suppers ready. Okay, he says. Then, it's too hot, then not hot at all but okay. Wait a few more minutes and try again, I say. This goes on for about 10 minutes. Okay, I give up.

I want to scream. Yughhhhhhhhhhh.

I hate it. I fix supper and he doesn't eat. I don't fix support and I hear, What's for supper? I CAN'T WIN.

I'm still screaming.

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Oh, been there! I'd fix dinner for Mom and she'd push it away and tell me she didn't want any of that slop. I've been known to drive somewhere by myself, just so I can swear loudly in the car.


This is the perfect scream room! Totally soundproof!


Scream away! It's good for you! We do understand that frustration and he probably hasn't figured out how crazy it make you! Hang in there, dear!


It's great to virtually scream here where people \"get it\"!


Thats great Kaz......chuckled away as I read your blog...I relate!